TV is Broken

TV Is Broken by Patrick Rhone

“What’s a commercial?”, she asks.

“It is like little shows where they tell you about other shows and toys and snacks.”, I explain.


“Well the TV people think you might like to know about this stuff.”

“This is boring! I want to watch Shrek.”

This echos what I see with my own kids. They have become so accustomed to the DVR and AppleTV that they think of Live Television as something foreign.

Even at 5 years old, my daughter still struggles to understand why I can’t just fast forward through all the commercials to get to the good stuff.

TV Broadcasters take note. The next generation has no patience for your 3 minute blocks of annoying commercials at ear-splitting volumes. Find a better solution now, or you’ll be relegated to the scrap pile like the newspaper and radio industries.