Target will now price-match Amazon

Target will now price-match Amazon, other retailers year-round

Target also plans to match rates from Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us if customers should find the same item priced lower there.

Smart move. Target already had the best brick-and-mortar retail shopping experience. Now they have the best prices too. This is their play to crush WalMart and BestBuy.

Game on.

2 thoughts on “Target will now price-match Amazon

  1. The problem is, a brick-and-mortar will, by definition, have a higher overhead then an online store. Hopefully they don’t compete themselves right into a financial corner.

  2. That is the risk. With higher costs and lower margins, can they survive such an aggressive strategy?

    There will always be a need for at least one major brick-and-mortar retailer. Large segments of the population simply won’t shop anywhere else, so the one that does the best job competing with the online retailers will be the one who survives.

    Time will tell if that’s Target, but they’ve done a great job of catching — and in some cases overtaking — Walmart. Amazon is just the next logical step.

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