Same Old Microsoft – Short Sighted

no microsoft officeMicrosoft to Delay Office for Android and iOS

Initially, Microsoft planned to introduce versions of Office 15 for all three platforms. But according to sources familiar with the company’s strategy, Microsoft will now ship the long-awaited application suite sometime in October for Windows devices, most notably the upcoming versions of Windows Phone, and hold off on selling Office for iOS and Android devices until next spring.

This is 90’s era thinking.  Trying to artificially bolster a failing product (Windows Phone) by propping it up with a successful one (Office).

Don’t be surprised if the Android and iOS versions of Office are also missing key features only available in the Windows Phone version either.  That’s another oldie but goodie from the Microsoft playbook.

Rather than punishing Apple and Google customers who want to pay for your software, maybe you should be punishing the engineering team that took way to long to produce the Windows Phone, and the marketing team that can’t figure out how to make it attractive to customers.