Does your Cell Phone need AntiVirus Protection?

Android malware up 3,325% by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

In 2011, we saw unprecedented growth of mobile malware attacks with a 155 percent increase across all platforms. Most noteworthy was the dramatic growth in Android Malware from roughly 400 samples in June to over 13,000 samples by the end of 2011. This amounts to a cumulative increase of 3,325 percent.

Interesting use of the phrase “across all platforms”.  The iPhone is notably abscent from the report.

Love it or hate it, the Apple system of reviewing each app before it’s available in the app store does seem to make the iOS devices generally immune to the rash of malware.  It’s not perfect, and a few problems are bound to slip through the cracks from time to time, but so far the review process seems to be working.

This is where the mantra of “Open” begins to show cracks.

If the growth of malware on Android continues, it will be the platform’s downfall.  General consumers hate the mess of viruses and spyware they’re innundated with on their PCs.  They certainly don’t want the same quagmire on their cell phones.

The day you start seeing Norton AntiVirus on the shelves next to the Droid Zip-Zoom at the Verizon store, Android is doomed.