3 Things To Check Before You Release Your App To The iTunes App Store

Months of planning, coding, dreaming, testing, screaming, and you’re finally ready to release your iPhone app to the world.

Or are you?

Before you hit that final send button, there are a few things you need to check:

  1. Test on actual hardare.  Cardinal Rule #1.  The Simulator is fantastic, but it’s not the real thing, and it never will be.  Unless you test on actual hardware (and as many Model and iOS combinations as possible), you can’t assume it will work for actual customers.
  2. Set your iOS Deployment Target as low as possible.  The fact is that not everyone upgrades as quickly as they should.  You’d be amazed at how many people are still running older versions of the iPhone OS.  If you don’t target the oldest iOS version possible, you limit your potential customer base dramatically.
  3. Keep the app size under 20MB.  This may not apply to all apps, but unless you’ve got a big marketing budget or a “must have” app, it should apply to you.  Any app over 20MB cannot be downloaded via 3G.  It’s WiFi only, which — again — limits your potential customer base dramatically.

I’d venture to guess that most iPhone developers have been bitten by one of these 3 gotchas when they were first starting out.  Learn from our mistakes, and good luck!